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The manufacturer has decided to permanently discontinue production of Toe Stoppers

Price now heavily reduced to clear current stocks, this is the last opportunity to buy the original and best, multi-award winning stirrup safety device.

Only the following option is available in the Equestrian style:

3.5" black

Toe Stoppers have now been replaced by revolutionary new STS safety stirrup irons, incorporating the best of Good Design and all the safety aspects of Toe Stoppers.

Toe Stoppers are now EA approved for Dressage. See summary of rule changes effective from 1/2/15: 
2.10.1 Stirrups - Add new number and heading and the following:
a) safety stirrups and enhancements, including Toe Stoppers, in stirrups are permitted.

The multi award winning safety device that attaches to the stirrup iron to provide balance and grip, and prevent the rider from being dragged in a fall.

Riders lose their concentration when their feet slip forward, Toe Stoppers prevent this from happening.  Leading riders and instructors claim that Toe Stoppers is the best product for keeping the riders feet in the correct balanced riding position, on the ball of the foot, at all times.

Equestrian Toe Stoppers

These amazing Toe Stoppers come in seven sizes to suit the seven different size stirrup irons. If you have a 4 inch (10 cm) stirrup iron use a 4 inch (10 cm) Toe Stopper.  The advantage of Toe Stoppers being designed in the seven different sizes is if you use a 4 1/2 inch (11.5 cm) iron and
attach the same size Toe Stoppers this will automatically keep your feet in the correct safety and balanced position on the ball of the foot.

A much needed, beautifully simple idea

Toe Stoppers is a well designed, simple device that attaches easily to your stirrup irons. Testimonials confirm it can improve your balance in the saddle, prevent a fall, but best of all it
prevents a rider from being hooked up or dragged in the event of an accident.

Toe Stoppers has won an amazing 8 international awards, plus best invention -2001,2002,2003,2004 & 2005.

Top quality, durable, tried and tested.

Toe Stoppers are made of durable, lightweight material and attach easily with velcro, making for comfortable safe riding and dismounting. Apart from looking good and blending in with the riders boot, Toe Stoppers give riders a competitive advantage preventing the slipping forward of riders feet.

Legendary jockey Peter Cook agreed with over 150 jockeys who completed a health & safety trial that Toe Stoppers give a rider a competitive advantage and should be made a compulsory safety device for all forms of riding.

The perfect teaching aid

International riding instructors say Toe Stoppers are an incredible teaching aid. It’s enclosed pocket and rubber tread foot grip stops feet slipping, providing balance by keeping the riders feet in the correct safety riding position at all times. It’s the easiest way to gain confidence and better
riding results as well as aid in mounting and dismounting.

Size matters

If you have a 4 inch stirrup iron you need a 4 inch Toe Stoppers. To measure your iron simply use a ruler or tape measure to measure the inside distance between the bars.

IMPORTANT: some riders are using irons too small for the size of their foot - putting them at serious risk. To guage the correct size of the iron and Toe Stoppers to use view the sizing chart.

Alternatively slip a Toe Stoppers over your boot, if it comes up to the ball of your foot, it’s the correct size you should be using.

Worth every cent and tax deductible

For any rider or parents who allow their children to ride, Toe Stoppers are a real investment in safety and one that will repay you many times over throughout your riding years.
They are also tax deductible for any horse related businesses.

David Hayes - Champion Racehorse Trainer
"Since June 2006, all riders employed by me have been using Toe Stoppers. They guarantee safety and eliminate the possibility of getting a foot caught in a stirrup iron in the case of a potential fall".

Chris Chugg - Champion Showjumper
"Fantastic safety item. I highly recommend them to all riders, in particular novice and young riders. I will not teach children with out them. Not only are they safe but they help enforce the correct placement of the foot in the iron for better balance".

Ian Ginger Hunt - Champion Polo Player
"In my opinion, I believe they are a very necessary part of any horse riding equipment. From an injury prevention perspective, I am adamant that toe stopper must become an Australian Standard for riding tack".

James Mackie - International Equestrian adviser
"I cannot think of a case where the injuries would not have been prevented had effective safety stirrups been used and, in my view, the most effective of all are the new Toe Stoppers".

Dr Philip Chen - Honorary Hawkesbury Race Club Medical Officer
"I have seen many horse and stirrup related injuries during my years working at Emergency Rooms in my opinion, Toestoppers is a wonderful invention, and has the potential to prevent many serious injuries and lives in the equine industry".

Danny Nikolic - Champion Victorian Jockey
"I was hooked up and dragged twice and recommend Toe Stoppers for all riders. I won the $2.5 million Caulfield Cup wearing Toe Stoppers".

Can you attach Toe Stoppers to safety irons?

Yes, you can attach Toe Stoppers to any stirrup iron. Riders continually get dragged in safety irons but with Toe Stoppers attached this can prevent this from happening.

What colours are available?

Toe Stoppers come in black and brown.

What is the difference between the children's clogs that have been around since the 18th century and the Toe Stoppers?

The Clogs are a hard iron and the opening is 3 inch wide but the length of the pocket is 4x inch long and they are very narrow at the toe of the iron making their feet get stuck and are unsafe. Children's feet get wedged in clogs and many children have been dragged in them. "The length of the pocket should not be longer than the opening therefore if the opening is 3 inches the length of the pocket should not be more than 3 inches to be scientifically safe as is the Toe Stoppers".

I am a coach and instructor, should I use Toe Stoppers when I am teaching riders?

Yes, under the Workplace Safety Act you must be responsible for your duty of care, and take measures to minimize the risk to riders, or face up to 2 years jail or a $300,000 fine. 

I have been using rubber tread inserts do I leave them in or take them out?

There is no need for them anymore you can take them out because the Toe Stoppers have a moulded tread in them.I have a pair of Peacock stirrups with a rubber ring side, are they safe?
No, riders have been hooked and dragged in Peacock stirrups because your foot can still get hooked up at the top of the iron. The Toe Stoppers keep your feet in the correct safety riding position on the ball of the foot giving you a competitive advantage.

I have bought a 4 inch pair of Toe Stoppers but my irons are only 4 inch can I use them safely?

No, do not try to apply a larger pair of Toe Stoppers to a smaller pair of irons. To be scientifically safe the length of the pocket of the Toe Stopper should not be longer that the opening or circumference of the iron. If your foot comes up to the ball of the foot in the Toe Stopper, that is the correct size Toe Stoppers you should be using. If the iron is too small you have been riding at serious risk of being dragged so buy a new pair of irons the same size as your Toe Stoppers.

I am in a rural country area and I can't get to a saddlery is their a method to determine the right size to order?

sizing method chart has been designed. All size boot sizes were tested, these tests based on when the boot went up to the ball of the foot in the Toe Stopper that determined the size stirrup iron and Toe Stopper you should be using. All you need to know is your boot size, also note female and male riding boots are made in the same sizing method.

How can the Toe Stoppers give me a competitive advantage and improve my winning performance?

If you look at photos in most magazines or watch the Olympics you will see rider's feet have slipped forward of the ball of the foot or slipped off the iron. This makes them lose concentration as one foot is in the balanced position whereby the other foot is forward and unbalancing the rider. Instead of concentrating on their next jump or barrel which may be seconds away they are trying to get their foot back in the correct balanced and safety position on the ball of the foot. This could cause them to hit a rail or make their horse fall.

I have been using a breakaway iron and I was hooked up and dragged what is the difference of Toe Stoppers?

With the breakaway iron your foot can still get hooked up behind the top of the iron bar. Toe Stoppers has a closed pocket preventing this from happening and also keeps your feet in the correct safety balanced riding position on the ball of the foot at all times.



Brand Toe Stoppers
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.010m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

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