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Whatever your horse riding discipline, we can source your supplies for kids ponies and performance horses, show hacks and show jumpers, trotters and trail horses, eventers and endurance horses, or the ultimate elite thoroughbred race horses. We understand and share the importance of each to you!

We specialise in quality horse gear: the best quality horse training aids, stable equipment, horse grooming products, thoroughbred race horse and harness racing supplies. Plus we offer a selection of essential horse first aid supplies, new and innovative equine medical equipment for advanced veterinary treatment, and quality supplements to ensure your horse’s health, wellbeing, and maximum performance.

When you buy your horse products online, by email to sales@equineperformance.com.au or by phoning 1300 886 968, we guarantee a prompt, personal and friendly service to discuss and meet your special requirements. We welcome your recommendations for new products, and your feedback is always welcome!


Walsh Harness and Saddlery (Est. 1914): Walsh is a leading American harness maker, established for over 100 years, specialising in harness racing, thoroughbred racing and show jumping equipment. Sponsor of many leading international show jumpers, Walsh produces high quality nylon or leather halters and leads, nylon or leather horse training aids for all disciplines, side reins, draw reins and martingales, lungeing gear, long reins, girths, bandages, leather horse boots, racing harness and accessories, and lightweight nylon thoroughbred racing tack. A highly customizable brand, they will adapt almost any product to suit your individual requirements “Win with Walsh” is their motto, and their team certainly live up to it.

Zilco: an Australian household name in racing, harness and equestrian supplies. If you don’t see the item you’re looking for on this site, just contact us for a super competitive quote on all your racing and equestrian requirements

Signature Leather: the finest bespoke riding gloves on the market, individually made to order, with a palette of fifty colours to choose from. Made from the most advanced WR100X specialist leather, to give exceptional wear, grip and comfort to the rider. Signature Leather offers many seasonal design options, including knit, crochet or leather gloves, with plain, digital or perforated leather, and featuring a variety of wrist lengths, wrist closures, contrast stitching and design detail. Why be the same when you can be different?

Davis horse boots: the best on the market, and the biggest selling horse boot maker in the USA. Hard wearing, long lasting, PVC compound skid boots, therapeutic boots, splint boots and bell boots, in plain, patterned and funky metallic colours. Is bling your thing? Then we have just the colour scheme for you.

Winning Tongue Plate horse bits: multi award winning tongue control bits. Cutting edge designs, endorsed by leading riders, trainers and jockeys all over the world. New bit models in dexter ring racing bits, half cheek driving bits, snaffle bits, eggbutt and dee bits, with or without extended tongue control plates. No further need for tongue ties to prevent the tongue getting over the bit, the WTP bits assist horses with soft palate displacement, and help to prevent them from bleeding, roaring, rearing, pulling or hanging.

Flair Nasal Strips:  the original and best, to maximize a horse’s respiratory capacity and function. Fully approved for racing, eventing or any equestrian activity which requires the lungs to perform at their best. Helps to prevent bleeding by supporting the nasal passages in times of severe exertion.

Toe Stoppers: we are the national Australian wholesale distributor for the multi award winning device for stirrup safety and dragging accident prevention. Winner of Australian and international design awards, Toe Stoppers keep the feet in the correct riding position, providing balance and grip for all levels of rider. From beginners, to disabled riders, to Olympic professionals, Toe Stoppers provide an advantage by allowing the rider’s leg aids to be applied in the correct manner, and giving confidence to the rider to achieve a higher level. 

Quality horse feed supplements: a great range of nutritional supplements for race horses, performance horses, breeding and youngstock, and yearling sale preparation: equine vitamin and mineral supplements: non-swabbable joint and mobility supplements: pre-race and anti-bleed horse drenches and pastes. With brands such as Cavalor, Betavet, Redlands, Kohnkes Own, Jenquine, Spectrum, Staysound, KER, and many more, we have the products to make you a winner – in the competition arena or in racing.

Equine medical equipment and veterinary diagnostics: For wounds, scar tissue, and deep muscular or tendon injuries, we offer the Riancorp portable Low Level Laser Therapy unit, developed in conjunction with vets, and used widely for humans in the hospital system. It is a simple and easy to use laser therapy, ideal for professional performance and racing stables. For horses requiring respiratory support, we offer the German made portable ultrasonic Equine Hippomed AirOne Flex Nebuliser to assist with 

Horse First Aid supplies: we carry a comprehensive range of equine first aid and medical supplies, including Pfizer tetanus and strangles vaccines, digital equine thermometers and stethoscopes, non-swabbable anti-inflammatories, leg wraps, ice treatments, wound treatments, bandages, dressings, dressing holders, poultices, Magic Cushion hoof padding, cleansing and anti-fungal solutions, hypodermic needles and syringes.

Essential stable equipment: quality Australian made polypropylene or aluminium shovels, ergonomic feedscoops, horse waterers, plus stable forks and other essential items for a happy, healthy stable.