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SHIELD aids in the control of synthetic Pyrethroid susceptible nuisance flies, biting insects and Queensland Itch on horses. As a unique "pour-on" for horses, SHIELD not only repels flies longer than sprays, it's also easier to apply.

Simply pour it along the backline as per the directions. The insects will come in contact with Shield as the naturally migrate around the body. The dosage may be divided to target specific areas that are more prone to bites.

SHIELD controls the following biting insects:-

Domestic & Bush Flies - Stable Fly - Biting Midges - Buffalo Fly - Mosquitoes

Active Constituent: 40 g/L Permethrin (cis:trans 80:20)

Indications: Ready-to-use insecticidal pour-on for horses

For the control of Queensland Itch, treatment should start at the beginning of the season by applying once weekly (or more frequently as required – no more than twice weekly).

A few horses, particularly those of the fine-skinned Arab type, may react when treated with SHIELD for the first time.  In these cases, a small patch test is recommended as per the directions.

The efficacy of SHIELD may be influenced by rain and activities such as rugging, brushing or washing.  For best results allow 12-24 hours for SHIELD to dry before exposing your horse to these activities.


  • The “Spot on” for horses
  • Easy to apply
  • Cheaper per application than sprays and wipes
  • A 250mL bottle will treat 1875 Kilo’s of bodyweight (approx. 6 x 500Kg horses)
  • A 1Litre bottle will treat 7500 Kilo’s of bodyweight (approx 24 x 500Kg horses)
  • Lasts 7 times longer than sprays.


What is SHIELD?
SHIELD is a ready to use insecticidal pour-on for horses which uses the synthetic Pyrethroid Permethrin as the active constituent. SHIELD uses a high concentration Permethrin (CIS:TRANS 80:20)

How does SHIELD work?
The active constituent Permethrin spreads throughout the waxy layers of the horse’s skin from the site of application. It will kill synthetic Pyrethroid susceptible ectoparasitic insects on contact and provide some insect repellence.

How do I apply SHIELD?
SHIELD is applied simply by pouring the recommended dosage along the horse’s backline and neck. The incorporated dispensing chamber will assist with the measuring dose. Ensure the product makes contact with the horse’s skin.

Product must not be diluted.
It is also recommended to apply Shield in the cooler part of the day and keep the horse out of the sun until the product has dried. 
The efficacy of SHIELD can be influenced by rain and activities such as; rugging, brushing, washing and heavy riding etc. For best results allow 12-24 hours for SHIELD to dry before exposing horse to these activities.

What results can I expect from SHIELD?
SHIELD should achieve 70-90% control of biting insects and buffalo flies. Variable results are seen with bush flies. SHIELD is not labelled for the control of Lice or Bots.

If poor results occur it is possibly due to Synthetic Pyrethroid resistance in the insect pest population in your area. Increasing the frequency of application may improve control.

Will SHIELD control Queensland Itch?
Yes, SHIELD aids in the control of the insects that are responsible for Queensland Itch in horses. Therefore, 2-3 applications over a 3-4 week period may be required before any significant improvement is expected.

How often can I apply SHIELD?
SHIELD was a wide safety margin and applications can be repeated as necessary up to a frequency of twice weekly.

How can specific problem areas on the horse be treated?
The recommended label dosage of SHIELD can be divided. This will assist in enabling higher concentrations of the active ingredient to be reached around specific problem areas, such as the horse’s legs.

Take care to avoid contamination of the horse’s eye. EG, by direct entry or head rubbing of the treated areas.

What do I do if the eye becomes contaminated?
Irrigate the eye with clear water for 30minutes and apply an anti-inflammatory ointment or drops as advised by the vet. Progressive improvement should be observed over 7-10 days. Don’t delay seeking Veterinary advice if the corneal oedema (blue eye) gets worse or the discharge (if any) changes colour.

Is SHIELD safe to use on pregnant mares and foals?
Yes, Ensure a patch test is carried out first.*
Foals must be 2 Months of age before using SHIELD.
What is a patch test?
The patch test is a means of assessing the sensitivity of a horse’s skin to SHIELD. It involves making a stripe of SHIELD 10-15cm long on the horse’s neck and observing that strip for 3 days. If no reaction is observed then treatment with SHIELD can be recommended.
It is very important to note that pale skinned horses are more sensitive.

How can I minimize any possible reaction to SHIELD?
Reactions can be minimised by avoiding treatment during the heat of the day. 
Apply cool product and keep the horse out of the sun until the treated area has dried.

Can I use SHIELD on my Show horses?
Yes, SHIELD can be used, but brush before showing as this removes any scruffiness from the coat.

Can I use SHIELD on my Dog?
No. SHIELD is not registered for use on Dogs.

Can I use SHIELD on my cattle?
No. SHIELD is not registered for use on Cattle.

Does SHIELD smell?
No. SHIELD has no discernible odour.


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