Research Behind Redi-Flex

Author: Kohnkes Own  

See how well your horse can move and feel on Redi-Flex!

Research behind Redi-Flex: Formulation Benefits 
Kohnke’s Own new release joint supplement, Redi-Flex, is a great choice for maintenance of healthy joints in performance horses, or as a helpful supplement for aged & arthritic horses or those that experience joint concussion, pain or stiffness. The combination of ingredients in Redi-Flex gives the supplement multiple actions. Redi-Flex has nutrients with roles in the health and function of joints, tendons, ligaments and subchondral bone, to help maintain, repair and renew important structures including cartilage, collagen and synovial fluid.

The Kohnke’s Own Style of Supplement
Redi-Flex is a total joint health supplement with a new generation, comprehensive formulation of joint-active nutrients. We call it ‘new generation’ because it is a truly combinational supplement with multiple ingredients that give a synergistic action. This means that the formulation includes nutrients that work together to give additive effectiveness on multiple levels for total health of the joints and surrounding structures. You don’t just get one or two nutrients, such as just glucosamine and chondroitin, but a fully active, highly tested and unique supplement which is much more powerful! However, all these extras don’t come with an inflated price – Redi-Flex is very reasonable at only $1.63 per dose (standard horse maintenance dose calculated for RRP incl. GST of 3 kg pack size). 

Premium, High Potency Nutrients
At Kohnke’s Own, we use quality ingredients because we believe horses deserve the best. Redi-Flex contains premium nutrients and most crucially, highly potent forms which are better than the cheap, common varieties other companies use in formulations. These include a high stability non-fish-sourced glucosamine, potent European-sourced vitamin C, organic chelated forms of copper, zinc & manganese and a natural, higher potency form of vitamin E, amongst other top quality ingredients too. These premium, highly potent forms are more readily absorbed and also better utilised in the horse’s system. The use of these forms in Redi-Flex makes it a powerful joint supplement without needing to use excessively high levels of nutrients, which may overbalance the diet. 

Researched and Trial Tested
Our extensive field trial with more than 60 horses all around Australia was conducted for more than 2 years to ensure Redi-Flex is safe, palatable and highly effective. The results were phenomenal – our helpful trial horses made significant improvements with Redi-Flex and trial owners were impressed with the results, giving very positive ratings in the wide-ranging final questionnaire. Two of the many trial customers give further testimonials below about Redi-Flex and how it helped their horses.

Keeping on Jumping!
“I trialled Redi-Flex as a last resort because my vet told me to get a new horse. From being very scratchy and uneven in movement, he is now much more free and comfortable. He is even jumping at a higher level than before! I consider that Redi-Flex has extended my horse’s competitive career over a year more than I expected and I’m so pleased with the consistent results. He also liked the taste which is a bonus because he’s quite fussy.”
Nicki E, NSW (as shown in video)

Rex loves his Redi-Flex!
Rex is a very special pony but after suffering with arthritis and founder he was starting to feel old before his time. He became creaky and arthritic and I very sadly had to retire him. When I heard about Kohnke’s Own doing a trial on a new joint supplement, I rang up to see if they were interested in Rex. I hoped to find something that would make him more comfortable in his retirement, but to my total surprise, the supplement Redi-Flex was so good that I could start riding him again! He is back to his happy self in the paddock and I’ve even taken him on a couple of long hilly trail rides which he loved – he still felt fresh at the end of the day and recovered so well that he wasn’t even stiff or sore the next day. He is back in work now and I’m even hoping he might get back to the shows we used to enjoy together. 
Andie W, VIC