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142 Bocks Rd, Oakville NSW 2765

Signature Leather & Equine Performance - an exclusive Australian partnership.

'You touch me, I feel you - your Signature is my command"

We proudly bring you the original and best in bespoke equestrian gloves by Signature Leather, UK.

Drop into our store, at 142 Bocks Rd, Oakville, NSW for a private consultation and viewing. We have plenty of sizes to try, and display gloves at much reduced prices! 

Signature Leather riding gloves are hand-made in Britain, using the finest English hi-tech and washable leather, by artisans employing the tools and skills from a bygone era in the art of traditional glove making, a time when fine styling and perfect fit were paramount to equestrian turnout.

Each pair is custom made to order, requiring six to eight weeks to fashion. This provides customers with a truly bespoke service, to create gloves in a personal colour choice of leathers to suit personal taste or coordinate with tack or attire. Be inspired by the palette of colours to be individually YOU!

Due to the many variations in bespoke Signature gloves, we cannot accept final orders through this website shopping cart. Please contact us for assistance and personal service. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect riding or show gloves, and can advise on the options available. Please call toll free 1300 886968 (yes, evenings and weekends are fine), or email your enquiry and contact details to

All bespoke gloves require full payment in advance – please allow approx eight weeks for manufacture and delivery.

Images shown are for illustrative bespoke design purposes.

The SPORT KNITBACK - Over the years the knit back glove has proved a stalwart across all Equestrian disciplines but especially in Eventing where personal colour combinations are paramount.

The opportunity to combine leather colours with a choice of 5 different knit back colours of White, Navy, Brown, Black and Beige is the starting point 

Standard sizes: (measured in inches right around the hand, across the knuckles at the widest point)  Please contact us to provide a detailed bespoke measurement form.

  • Ladies 6.5/ 7/ 7.5/ 8 

  • Ladies & gents 8.5/ 9 

  • Gents 9.5/ 10/ 10.5/ 11 


  • Knitback choice of black, brown, beige, navy, white

  • Leather colours in order - Belvedere, black, cognac, drab olive, electric blue, emerald, frigate grey, high jump, mocca, old gold, pink, red, sunshine, taupe, white


Pittards WR100 leather, launched in 1980, was the culmination of many years of exhaustive research. Research that originally began with the development of specialist leathers for a number of demanding Ministry of Defence and NATO applications such as combat gloves, pilot’s gloves, and helmet linings.

Fundamental to this research were the specially selected skins of the Ethiopian hairsheep - also called “Cabretta”. This traditional material is a by-product of the meat industry that has been used by Pittards for generations. Found in the sub tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America, the Cabretta hairsheep has a remarkably soft, strong and light skin which makes it particularly appropriate for military, sporting and fashion glove applications.

WR100X as a process enhances these characteristics and creates leathers with qualities that others still cannot match, and has been applied to other specialist skin types to further enhance performance. The process involves over 40 interrelated operations, each one of which has to be tuned and adjusted to ensure the final technical quality of WR100X leather.

Whilst retaining the original softness, strength, and lightness of the natural skin, WR100X also offers unrivalled grip, water resistance, sensitivity, comfort and recovery. Not surprisingly, these features have made WR100X the performance standard for sports enthusiasts and glove manufacturers alike.

Water and sweat resistant Pittards WR100X leathers not only shrug off moisture and allow perspiration to escape, but do so without any change in the structure of the leather. The buttery softness of Cabretta leather also means that the gloves are incredibly soft. 

LEATHER FEATURES - Features of Pittards World Class Leather.

WATER RESISTANT - The WR100X tanning process has been specially engineered to offer improved water repellency properties, which keep the hands protected at all times. The water resistant process enhances the insulation characteristics of the leather, guaranteeing that the hands remain warm in cold weather conditions and cool in warm weather conditions, thus preserving sensitivity and dexterity whatever the activity. Conversely these permanent structural properties allow the leather to breathe by letting the moisture pass through the fibre structure, thus keeping the hand cool and comfortable even during extremely hot sports.

ENHANCED GRIP - Pittards’ unique water resistant technology limits water uptake into the fibre structure thus guaranteeing excellent grip and tactile sensitivity, even under the most adverse conditions. This allows for optimum grip to be applied and maximum control to be exerted ride after ride.

EXCELLENT FIT - Pittards WR100X leather offers sports enthusiasts around the world exceptional softness of touch, a closer and more natural fit and unique flexibility for ultimate comfort.

SWEAT RESISTANT - Pittards WR100XD leather has been specially developed to offer an improved resistance to perspiration compared to ordinary leathers. While the fibre structure of regular leathers would normally break down and deteriorate after exposure to the acid contained in human perspiration, thus becoming hard and brittle, Pittards WR100XD leather will retain its softness, feel and sensitivity appreciably longer than ordinary leather.

LASTING BENEFITS - The tanning process guarantees that all the WR100X properties are permanently bonded to the leather structure thereby ensuring high performance benefits throughout the gloves’ life.

LEATHER CARE - For best results

  • Wash gloves before they become too soiled!

  • White gloves should not be washed with coloured articles. Coloured gloves may be washed with articles of a similar colour provided these instructions are followed.

  • We highly recommend using a mild detergent or soapflakes that are recommended for washing leather and woollens. For white gloves we recommend Bee Kind Naturally White soap.

  • Cotton or synthetic washing materials and those containing bleach or Sodium Perborate are not suitable.

  • Do not use any fabric conditioner.

  • Do not use strong washing materials as they may damage the leather's performance properties.

HAND WASH: Produce a good lather in lukewarm water. Immerse the gloves and wash gently on your hands. Remove gloves and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Squeeze out all excess water from the fingers downwards and pull gently into shape. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

MACHINE WASH: Wash the glove on the low temperature (up to 30°C) gentle cycle of a domestic washing machine. Use mild detergent or soap flakes that are recommended for washing leather and woollens.  Rinse gloves thoroughly in clean water. Spin gently, pull into shape and hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY OR PLACE ON A HEAT SOURCE - When nearly dry, put the gloves on your hand to restore shape and softness. Remove from your hand and hang up to dry fully. When dry, place on your hand and buff the surface with a soft cloth. Use a suede brush to restore the nap on suede gloves.


Brand Signature Leather
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