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The Ultimate Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Premium Functional Ingredients

The most all-inclusive, comprehensive dietary supplement is now available from Kohnke’s Own!  This scientifically formulated ration balancing supplement combines the most popular Kohnke’s Own supplements as a complete and premium formulation, saving you money and feed preparation time!

Cell-Ultimate is an advanced 4 in 1 supplement that contains

  • A full ration balancing vitamin, mineral and trace-mineral supplement (Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform®)

  • FABBY® for digestive health and function (including live probiotics, prebiotics and mycotoxin binders)

  • The extra nutrients essential to Reboot HOOF+® (maintenance rate),

  • A top-up of quality protein and essential amino acids.

Cell-Ultimate contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to match the requirements and make up shortfalls of essential daily nutrients for all horses.  If you want more than just a general ration balancer for your horse, then Cell-Ultimate is the best choice!

Cell-Ultimate is especially helpful for horses in regular training or competition, for example, equestrian horses and even racing horses.  However, paddock ponies, aged horses or pleasure riding horses can also benefit from the comprehensive nutritional profile of Cell-Ultimate.

Which Horses Benefit?
  • All horses! If you want more than just a general ration balancer for your horse, then Cell-Ultimate is the best choice.

  • Horses which require a gut supplement for better digestion and health of the gastro-intestinal system (FABBY®) as well as a ration balancer.

  • Horses which would benefit from better hoof health, such as those in regular to intense training, where maintenance of good hooves has an impact on their soundness and preparation for competition and racing

  • Thoroughbreds and other breeds which naturally have thin soles and poor hoof quality.

  • Show horses which need optimum intensity of coat colour and condition plus better mane and tail growth and fullness.

  • When combining multiple products fed to your horse into one premium supplement, saving time and money.

  • Horses under mental and physical stress of travel and competition.

  • Horses on high grain or prepared feed diets which would benefit from a top-up supplement of premium ingredients.

  • Any horse as an all-in-one supplement to balance the ration for daily health, well-being and performance.

  • Horses on limited rations which may need digestive help as well as a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement. For example, poor doers, very good doers, horses after a spell and coming back into training, horses in drought areas where grass is scarce and hay is the predominant feed.

  • Horses which do better on a simple high fibre or pony pellet rather than a full commercial feed.  Cell-Ultimate can balance the ration and improve feed conversion to save money on feed bills.

Major Ingredients
Cell-Ultimate is scientifically formulated as a daily ration balancing nutritional supplement for all horses.   The formulation is regularly updated to the latest guidelines for optimum nutrition in all horses. 
  • Blend of cold-pressed, colour-coded Supplet® pellets separated into 7 compatible nutrient groups which ensures the potency and stability of the vitamins and trace-minerals in the supplement and in the feed. Supplet technology is patented and exclusive to Kohnke’s Own.

  • Bone minerals (calcium and phosphorus) as well as extra magnesium

  • All essential trace-minerals in a special ratio of chelated and inorganic forms for optimum digestive absorption.

  • Full range of vitamins and vitamin co-factors including extra vitamin E and B-group vitamins, especially vitamin B1 (thiamine)

  • Very high level of biotin (potency protected) as well as vitamin C and natural silicon for hoof health and strength

  • Fully organic chelated selenium (as selenomethionine) and chromium, especially helpful for Australia’s selenium-deficient soils

  • Protein as a high quality source boosted with added pure amino acids, such as L-glutamine, L-threonine, L-lysine and L-methionine (min 10% protein)

  • Live probiotic yeasts (3 different types) and live probiotic bacteria (3 different strains)

  • Mycotoxin binders (multiple binders for a broad spectrum action)

  • Premium prebiotics and active yeast components for optimum health and function of the hindgut and digestive processes

  • Functional fibres to activate the gut to work better and optimise manure formation

  • Does not contain added cobalt.

  • Does not swab, legal for racing and all FEI competitions.

  • Does not provide extra energy, sugar or cause ‘fizz’, even in sensitive horses.

  • Pelleted and palatable supplement which mixes easily into all types of feeds (wet or dry). Reduces wastage from dust, sift-out, sludging and blow away from feeders.

At a dose rate of 2 scoops per day, Cell-Ultimate matches the comprehensive nutritional composition of Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform, plus has a full daily dose of FABBY, a maintenance dose of Reboot HOOF+ as well as a boost of high-quality protein for body and muscle condition.  This dose rate is perfect for a 500 kg equestrian horse in regular training and competition. 

Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of Kohnke’s Own Cell-Ultimate provides 60 grams.  The scoop is provided. 

For adult horses 450 – 650 kg body weight, the following supplementation rates apply.  There are also dose rates for lighter horses (300 – 425 kgs) and ponies (150 – 275 kg) provided on the label. 

For resting and lightly working adult horses, provide 60 grams daily. 

For regularly working horses at a moderate level (show horses, adult riding club, horses in early equestrian training, general working horses) provide 90 grams daily.

For horses in moderately heavy to heavy exercise (equestrian competition horses) provide 120 grams daily, preferably split into 2 feeds.

At this dose rate, your horse received the same supplementary additions equivalent to a full dose of Cell-Perform, full dose of FABBY, maintenance dose of Reboot HOOF+ and also 12 grams of protein and essential amino acids. 

For racing and high performance horses, provide 180 grams daily, preferably split into 2 feeds. 

Pack Sizes: 1.4 kg, 3.5 kg, 10 kg




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