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New Zealand's leading equine probiotic gut supplement.

Fixine for Equine is a blend of 6 live probiotics including a yeast combined with a naturally occurring toxin binder formulated to promote the gut health of your horse, particularly in times of stress.

Helps optimise the efficiency of your horse's digestive system, particularly the hindgut.

Promotes gut health in horses experiencing stress from competition, intensive work, sudden changes in diet, transportation.

Simple, effective and affordable.

Probiotics are a combination of live ‘good’ microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi and protozoa) and exist naturally in all aspects of life - for example inside the body, on the skin, in the air, and in the soil.  They are in fact vital to all living things.

The digestive tract is home to colonies of microorganisms referred to collectively as the intestinal flora or microflora.  Interactions between these microorganisms give rise to either good health or disease, hence maintaining the balance of these colonies promotes optimal functioning of the body.  

When the gut is balanced, food digestion and immune function are optimised; however when the balance is disturbed, some microorganisms produce toxins that are harmful to the digestive tract, compromising overall health.

Probiotic supplements are a way of manipulating microorganism populations to help maintain a healthy balance which, in turn, provide health benefits for the whole body.   Taken regularly, these supplements can help maintain a healthy gut microflora, supporting optimal digestion and protecting a healthy gut lining.  

Probiotics achieve this balance by:

  • protecting against toxins produced by harmful bacteria, binding these toxins before they can harm other cells

  • competing with harmful bacteria to inhibit their survival and growth as well lowering the pH of the gut, making it harder for harmful bacteria to survive

  • stimulating immune cells to produce antibodies which further block harmful bacteria, bolstering natural barriers against infection.


Probiotic blend: a balanced blend of 6 natural bacteria and yeasts to address and support the health of your horse

A live probiotic, not freeze dried: maximises the number of bacteria that survive the manufacturing process and more easily digested

Naturally occurring toxin binder: the addition of zeolite, a naturally occurring aluminosilicate, helps manage harmful mycotoxins

Certified organic in New Zealand by their exacting BioGro standard: good for your horse and the environment


Lactobacillus spp. Casei
Lactobacillus Plantarum
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Enterococcus Faecium
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast
Bacillus spp. Subtilis
Naturally occurring zeolite (a microporous aluminosilicate mineral)

Feed Rates

Fixine for Equine is a powder which may be fed as a free choice feed by blending with other dry feed or sprinkled on hay, based on the following directions:

Horses & Ponies: 15 - 20gm / 100kg liveweight / day (100gm / 500Kg horse/day). For reference, a half cup is equivalent to 80gm of product.

Foals: 30gm per day

During times of illness or stress, feed at double rate. If problems persist, contact your veterinarian.


Brand CAN Animal Care

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