Redlands Premium Hoof Dressing

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Redlands hoof dressing has been specially formulated from high quality constituents to protect your horses hooves from excessive moisture loss.

Abnormal drying of the hoof, with resultant cracking, can lead to serious foot problems and lameness. The formulation contains compounds which stimulate hoof growth, when gently massaged into the foot around the coronet band. Redlands Premium Hoof Dressing also contains an antiseptic agent, which assists in preventing minor skin infections in the coronet band area. Regular application is of particular benefit in those horses which have brittle, thin walled, or shelly feet..

As with most domesticated horses, particularly racehorses, frequent shoeing is unavoidable. This is naturally detrimental to the foot. Nail holes have the effect of releasing moisture and weakening the hoof wall. In addition, rasping results in partial destruction of the periople layer. This layer is nature's varnish over the hoof wall and when disturbed, moisture loss will occur.

In addition, application of Redlands hoof dressing has the added cosmetic affect of imparting a clean polished look to the foot, so desirable in show and performance horses. The dressing should be applied daily for optimum benefit. This is particularly so, in hot and drying conditions. 
Application: Ensure the whole foot, including the sole, is dry, thoroughly clean and free from all foreign matter. The dressing should then be applied with a brush over the whole foot, including the sole. It may be gently massaged with the fingers, around the coronet band, if desired, to encourage new horn growth.

Warning - For external use only. Redlands hoof dressing should not be applied over broken skin.

Size: 2.5L

Store in a cool dry place, below 30°c. Protect from direct heat..

Analysis (Product contains the following active constituents) Lanoline B.P.: Petroleum Jelly1; Linseed Oil: Parafin Wax: Neatsfoot Oil: Tall oil pitch: Gum Turpentine



Brand Redlands
Shipping Weight 2.6000kg

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