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Calling all serious equestrian competitors and professional horse riders.

Do you wish for consistent peak performance from your competition, sporting or working horse?

Would you like to add colour to your competition, sizzle to your sport, and a whistle to your work?

As a boutique supplier, we constantly strive to add new and interesting equestrian supplies to our catalogue, to give you the cutting edge. We are always just as happy to supply your favourite horse products. Please contact us for prices.

Through early diagnosis, innovative treatment, and quality nutritional supplements, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your high performance goals.

Introducing our new horse products:

We suggest you try our blood test analysis and interpretation service. Our equine sports biochemist partner will diagnose any problem and customise a nutrient recovery program.

For respiratory support, we recommend:

"Nostrilvet"- Equine allergy nasal spray for frustrating head shakers.

"Clear Cough" - Equine oral decongestant and expectorant.

We also carry a comprehensive range of quality horse first aid supplies, veterinary dressings and bandages, equine thermometers and laser treatment, for fast and effective recovery.

And for gold medal looks, we suggest you try "New Zealand Gold" tinted horse shampoo.


Please contact us for a friendly, informative and confidential chat. We can supply your preferred horse products, or recommend options to improve the condition, presentation and performance of your horse.


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