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Davis Splint Boots


Davis Splint Boots
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Davis Horse Boots - Splint Boots

Are you looking for Splint Boots known for quality and durability?   The DAVIS Splint Boot has a strong reputation for providing exceptional protection.

The NEW, IMPROVED DAVIS Splint Boots have a clean, easy-glide outside shell.   No more exterior tubes to restrict or interfere with movement or performance should your horse cross fire.

The inside shock absorbing lateral support tube delivers maximum protection to the splint and cannon bones, the sesamoid, the tendons and the soft tissue areas. 

These Splint Boots are the perfect choice for preventing injuries while training and performing as well as rehabilitation if an injury has occurred.   The boots stay lightweight and flexible as they do not absorb water due to the closed cell foam interior design.

Use the DAVIS Splint Boots for western pleasure, eventing, dressage, trail riding, reining, cutting and hunter/jumper disciplines.

The splint boots come with a "right" and "left", and may be used on both front and hind legs.

Sold in pairs: sizes S - XL (XL in black or white only) Draft size is same as XL, but with longer straps, black only

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the wide range of options in Davis quality horse boots, not all styles, sizes and colours are always available in stock. Some selections may be subject to backorder, and may require payment in advance. We welcome your enquiry to or call 1300 886968

New splint boots

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