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Davis No-Turn Bell Boot


Davis No-Turn Bell Boot
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Davis Horse Boots - No-turn Bell Boots

Sold in pairs: sizes S - XL (XL in black or white only)

The Davis No-Turn Bell Boots feature an inward protruding cushion that conforms to the horse's ankle, to prevent turning and to provide added protection. (Patent #D 365,894) Made with superior quality closed-cell foam, and constructed in a triple layer for comfort, the no-turn bell boot is easy to clean, prevents moisture absorption, and features a double-locking hook and loop velcro closure.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the wide range of options in Davis quality horse boots, not all styles, sizes and colours are always available in stock. Some selections may be subject to backorder, and may require payment in advance. We welcome your enquiry to or call 1300 886968

Check out the Davis Product Video to view the product range.


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