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EquinActiv ImPulse
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EquinActiv ImPulse

Body Conditioning Supplement 

Recommended by renowned equine vet Dr Jennifer Stewart, of Stewart Veterinary Services. 

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An all natural, highly digestible Whey Protein and nutrient dietary supplement designed to support immune system function, endurance and muscle recovery for varying life stages and workloads.

Formulated for horses in training and competition, show and sale, during early development, broodmares, aged horses and horses recovering from illness.

EquinActiv ImPulse provides a fully balanced protein source rich in all of the essential amino acids. Providing a quality protein source allows the horse to synthesize and repair its bodily tissues and functions. With the addition of Colostrum and a selection of Vitamins and Herbs, EquinActiv ImPulse is ideal for horses which are nervous, lightly framed, fussy eaters, or those that have lost condition due to excess physical or emotional stress, and can assist with:

  • Building lean muscle and overall body condition
  • Poor or cracked hooves
  • Coat condition
  • Milk quality on lactating mares
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Bone health

Benefits of EquinActiv ImPulse:

  • Provides an excellent fuel source for horses preparing for competition.
  • Increased muscle mass supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological functions of the horse.
  • Added nutrients support normal physical and mental performance.
  • Colostrum provides additional nutrients, antibodies and natural growth factors for horses of all ages.
  • Provides young horses the critical amino acids to build the integrity of bones, tendons and ligaments and muscle necessary for high performance in later life.
  • Provides broodmares with the substantial protein requirements during pregnancy, especially in the final months and during early lactation.
  • Supports optimal recovery and adaptation from accidents, injuries and surgeries.


Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Maize fibre, Colostrum powder, Parsley, Coconut, Aniseed powder, Rosehip powder, Flaxseed.

EquinActiv ImPulse does not contain any fillers and is manufactured using quality human grade ingredients.

Directions for Use:

Scoop size 30gm. Mix into feed once daily, or divide equally over two feeds.

30gm – maintenance dose for ponies with desired body condition

60gm – ponies requiring extra condition, pony broodmares, elderly ponies, maintenance dose for adult horses with desired body condition.

90gm – horses requiring extra condition, maintenance for horses that lose condition easily, maintenance for large horses, elderly horses, ponies recovering from surgery, injury or illness.

180gm – large horses requiring extra condition, broodmares in final 3 months of pregnancy and during lactation, horses recovering from surgery, injury or illness.

Dosage rates are an estimate only and requirements may vary depending on the height and weight of the horse, increase or decrease dosage as required.

EquinActiv ImPulse can be used as a continuous daily conditioning supplement, or use in two week intervals with EquinActiv Sculpt.

PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN OWNED. This product is blended in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Supplements should not replace a balanced diet. The directions for use should be used as a guide only. If in doubt, consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist for further information.

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Stephanie Crossett's "Araluen Oscar Wild" - prepared on EquinActiv ImPulse

Steph - Camperdown April 2013-2


(a) after two weeks on EquinActiv ImPulse

 Stephs Cruiser Sept 2014 copy

and (b) after just 4 weeks, whilst spelling.

Stephs Cruiser Sept 2014 after 4 weeks copy


OTT Standardbred enjoys a new lease on life - rejuvenated by EquinActiv ImPulse.