ThinLine Hoof Pads


ThinLine Hoof Pads
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ThinLine Hoof Pads provide shock absorption for the whole horse! There are multiple ways to use a ThinLine Hoof pad, each depends on your specific shoeing needs:

  • You may use another plastic pad over the TL pad or shoe it alone.
  • Works great for any horse, we all love a "shoe insole" for everyday comfort!
  • For horses with sore soles use with any wrap product.
  • Barefoot Horses: Trim the pads to size, they work great with factory-made boots, EZ Boot, Davis Boot, Boa Boot, Ice Horse Boot, Cavallo Boot
  • Navicular or contracted heel: use ThinLine Frog Inserts: cut a smaller triangular piece of ThinLine, glue to the ThinLine Hoof pad .
  • Frog Inserts: For horses with contracted heels or Naviclar use a small amount of dental impression material, cut a pad to insert into the frog, glue to a ThinLine hoof pad ontop and shoe. As a frog insert ThinLine loads when the foot is on the ground and unloads when releived. Stimulates the heel and blood flow to the foot better than any other product on the market. Also may be used by duct taping or wrapping to the foot for foundered horses, abcesses, and to relieve standing legs for other injuries.

Most pads last 12-16 weeks, depending on use. Sold in pairs in a size 4. For large warmbloods, draft or saddle seat horses order the extra large.

Coming soon: A DVD on how to shoe with ThinLine

Simple, inexpensive and effective.

ThinLine hoof pads are made from the same material as our famous shock absorbing weight distributing saddle pads.


  • Use under a shoe
  • With a hoof bootWrap for emergencies such as founder
  • Unparalleled Shock Absorption
  • Anti-microbial
  • Durable – Easy to UseBarefoot fans use the hoof pads inside manufacturers boots.


* Cut the pad to fit the shoe



hf4* Pack the hoof or use frog inserts








hf5Use adhere or double sided carpet tape to build frog inserts.












hf7* Shoeing: use Adhere then nail!








Inside Mfg. boots: if your trim is not level use gorilla tape if the hoof cuts through the pad.

  • hf8
  • Wrap for emergencies, founder or abscesses.
    For more serious issues please supply your veterinarian or farrier with Hoof Pads.
    Founder, abcess, white line disease, contracted heel, navicular:
    For navicular or contracted heel add a set of frog inserts: ThinLine is the only product to load when the foot is on the ground and unload when in the air. This process mimicks the natural flexing of the frog and speeds blood flow and recovery to hoof ailments. ThinLine Hoof Pads are infused with active anti-bacterial agents.
  • Hoof pads inside mfg. boots generally last our endurance riders 6 months if the hoof is trimmed level.