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EquinActiv ProPulse
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EquinActiv ProPulse

Muscle Mass and Energy Formulation


Recommended by renowned equine vet Dr Jennifer Stewart, of Stewart Veterinary Services.  View the video here from Horse Talk TV

A highly digestible Whey Protein, Soy and Omega Fish Oil dietary supplement designed to assist high performance horses with cool energy, muscle building power and stress protection to meet the demands of athletic training and competition.

Suitable for racehorses, high level performance horses and endurance horses.

EquinActiv ProPulse provides quality protein and amino acids to assist with optimum muscle mass and greater power output. During hard training or intense workouts, large muscle groups which power the horse are broken down and damaged. Equines involved in strenuous activity require more proteins and amino acids to enable the body to repair and rebuild bodily tissues and functions.

EquinActiv ProPulse can assist with:

  • Building muscle mass, tendons, ligaments, hormones, enzymes and bone
  • Reduction of muscle soreness or stiffness
  • Overall physical and mental performance
  • A sound and healthy immune system
  • Appetite stimulation

Benefits of EquinActiv ProPulse:

  • An increase in muscle mass may translate into more explosive movement, greater suspension and flexion, enhanced speed and increased endurance.
  • Branched Chain amino acids are used as an energy source during very intense exercise, if these are not replaced in the diet the result can be muscle wasting and soreness.
  • Increased muscle mass supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological functions of the horse.
  • Added Fish Oil to supply essential Omega 6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.


Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Soy Isolate, Omega fish oil, Maize Fibre.

With the addition of specially blended vitamins and minerals to help support ultimate health.

EquinActiv ProPulse does not contain fillers and is manufactured using quality human grade ingredients.

Directions for Use:

Scoop size 30gm. Mix into feed or alternatively mix with luke warm water and administer by syringe over the tongue preferably shortly after exercise or in the evening.

60gm (2 scoops) daily for horses less than 500kg.

90 – 120gm (3 – 4 scoops) for horses over 500kg.

Dosage rates are an estimate only and requirements may vary depending on the height and weight of the horse, increase or decrease dosage as required.

PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN OWNED. This product is blended in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Supplements should not replace a balanced diet. The directions for use should be used as a guide only. If in doubt, consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist for further information.

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