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Double sided microfibre grooming gloves. Captures Bacteria! One side for currying and one side for cleaning and polishing hair coat. They also make great waterless bath gloves too! A must have for every stable!

Size: One size fits most!
Color: Black/Purple Sold as a pair
Saves time, comfortable to wear and very convenient.Use: Horse Grooming, Dog Grooming, Foal Imprinting

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EQUI-Towels – How To Use

Step #1: 10X - This is your washing cloth or towel. We recommend using the small cloth on the face and the large towel for the body.

Step #2: 7X - This is your drying towel. Body - Wipe in one direction with a flat hand for best results. Tail - Wrap the towel around the tail and move the towel back and forth down the entire tail several times. This will cause the positive and negative charges within the microfibres to work properly.

Step #3: 20X White is your polishing and dusting towel.

Step #4 (optional): 20X Silver is your natural glossy shine cloth. Use the shiny side on the entire body and mane and tail. Works like a flattening iron too. Helps prevent frizzing.

Bendable Scraper Use these after bathing your horse.
Step #1: Slide a microfibre cover on the Bendable Swiper Any of the 3 microfibre covers will work to scrape away water and sweat from your horse. Each cover has its own abilities to do this, but it is up to you to determine which one works best based on your horses hair coat.

EQUI-Hood and Tail Bag Be sure to wash and dry before first use. (can be done together)
#1: Spray the outside with our extra-strength ZeroStatic shavings solution spray if you plan on keeping your horse around shavings or dried grass.

#2: Best used for after bath, during work-outs, transport and light sweating. (We recommend you use another hood for overnight protection against shavings) For use as a necksweat, yes you can use a neckwarmer over the EQUI-Hood for best results.

Finishing Cloth Use wet or dry for any last minute touch-ups.

Ear Cloth Use dry only. Works better and better after each machine wash and dry.

EQUI-Glove These gloves are interchangeable. Place gloves on hands and start seeing results. Curry on the purple side and wipe away with the black side. Rub hands together to get rid of excess hair from currying when done. Rinse under a tap before you take them off for best results.

Equi-Towel Care Instructions:


All of the products are machine washable and dryable.

EQUI-Towel Products 7X, 20X Silver, Finishing Cloth, Ear Cloth, EQUI-Hood, EQUI-Glove, Tail Bag, Scraper 7X & 20X
Wash in cold or warm water
Medium Heat Dry
No Fabric Sheets
No Softeners
Mild Liquid Detergent Only

20X White, 10X, Swiper 10X
Wash in warm or hot water
Normal Heat Dry
No Fabric Sheets
No Softeners
Mild Liquid Detergent Only

Can be worn under another horse hood for extra protection around shavings if it is to be worn at night.
All night neckwarmers are fine too as long as weather permits. Excess shavings can be removed with a damp stiff brush if needed.

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